Rules of Discipline

  1. The Diary should be brought to school each day.
  2. Child will be allowed to go home with her parents only.
  3. All the students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniforms is to be worn on all class days, examination days, and for all school functions in and outside the school. A girl who is slovenly dressed may be sent home.
  4. The children are strictly forbidden to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers near the school premises.
  5. Any kind of damage within the school premises must be made good by the one who does it.
  6. Cardigans, books, tiffin boxes etc. should bear the name of the owner.
  7. The school is not responsible for stationery, books etc. that get lost. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost in the school and discourages wearing of ornaments or jewellery of any kind in the school.
  8. Bursting crackers or splashing colours in school premises is strictly forbidden.
  9. The school reserves the right to dismiss those who have irregular attendance, disobedience, steady deterioration in studies, disrespect towards teachers, morale break, any re-prehensible behavior and creating undesirable atmosphere.
  10. The school will not be responsible if children are found missing after the school hours. Parents are requested to instruct their children not to go to the homes of friends and relations without their permission.
  11. No magazines, papers or books other than textbooks or the school library books may be brought to the school without the principal’s permission.
  12. No collection for any purpose whatsoever, is to be started in the school, and, no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without the previous sanction of the Principal.
  13. Presents to the members of the staff or other demonstration in their honour require previous sanction of the Principal.
  14. All the students are expected to speak English in school.
  15. Only those with valid driving license will be allowed to bring vehicles (mopeds, scooters). Four wheelers are not permitted.
  16. Running, playing or shouting inside the class room is not allowed.