Fee Rule & Structure

FEE RULES: 2023-24
  1. Kindly fill an account payee cheque in favour of “St Mary’s Convent Sr Sec School”. Please fill the following details at the back of the cheque: Scholar No., Name of the student, Class, Mobile number & School Account Number – 394002010064570 & drop it in the DROP BOX kept near the School Main gate on working days.
  2. Fee must be paid by 12th of each month through cheque and by 15th through online “School App”, failing which a sum of Rs. 100/- per month as late fee will be charged. Defaulters will be refused to appear for the regular examination.
  3. If the cheque is dishonoured by the reason “Insufficient Fund” then cheque amount + bank charges + Rs. 500/- will be charged from you.
  4. If the cheque is dishonoured by other reason, then cheque amount + bank charges will be charged from you.
  5. Fee are payable in 8 installments for classes LKG to X, beginning from April, May & July to December 2023.
  6. Fee are payable in 6 installments for classes XI and XII, beginning from July to December 2023.
  7. No reduction will be made for pupils coming late or for broken period of absence.
  8. Kindly download the School App (School Diary – uFony Services Private Limited) from Google Play Store or IOS App Store. Login id & password will be your mobile number which you have given in the school for SMS). Once you login please change your password.
  9. Kindly send the cheque with your ward to be submitted to the respective class teachers. We appreciate if the parents themselves will drop the cheque in the drop box. No postdated cheque will be accepted. Please note that the bank will not accept the cheque directly. Separate cheque for each student must be submitted.
  10. Fee is not payable by cash as per CBSE circular No. CBSE/SECY/SPS/2016 dated 10.12.2016.
Class Total EMI per month No. of EMI
LKG & UKG 46048 5756 8
I to V 49680 6210 8
VI to VIII 51816 6477 8
IX & X 56848 7106 8
XI Arts 57036 9506 6
XI Sc 58194 9699 6
XI Com 54876 9146 6
XII Arts 54318 9053 6
XII Sc 55512 9252 6
XII Com 52272 8712 6