Admission Policy

All applications for admission to the school must be made on the prescribed forms. Application to grades Nursery, LKG must be submitted not later than the date indicated on the application form or as found on the bulletin board in the School Office. There are no regular registrations for other classes and admission to these classes is made to fill vacancies, should they occur.

Those seeking admission should produce the following:

  1. A Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. It should be duly countersigned by proper educational authorities in the case of a pupil migrating from Boards other than CBSE. Once entered on the school rolls, the date of birth shown on the Admission Form or on the T.C. will not be altered.
  2. The Progress Report of the child indicating her academic performance and participation in co-curricular activities in the school last attended.


After passing class X, the students who want to continue their studies in this Institution should fill up new admission form prescribed for the plus two stage.


Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar month’s notice in writing is to be given by the parent or guardian. A month’s fee is to be paid if no notice of withdrawal is given.

  1. A Transfer Certificate or any other document will be issued only if all the dues of fees have been paid and all library books returned.
  2. When a child has once been withdrawn, the Entrance Fee must be paid again on re-admission.

Those who withdraw from the school in April or May must pay fee up to June inclusive.

The school reserves the right to ask the parents to withdraw their child if her progress in studies is unsatisfactory, conduct harmful to other students, fee is not paid on time or if there are other reasons which, in the opinion of the school authorities, render her continuation in the school undesirable. Honesty, cleanliness of person and dress, good manners and loyalty are expected of each student and anyone not conforming to the School’s ideals in these matters may be asked to leave. Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to property are always reasons for dismissal.