Dear parents, children and well-wishers,

The school is not merely an institution rather it is the womb of the society where every individual child is nurtured, nourished and developed. Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities are also a vital process of education in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and a happy soul. Not only are the students equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence, but they are also able to face the challenges of life with courage an confidence in self and so in God.

St. Mary’s higher secondary school Udaipur, gives quality education with a good human value system, which in many ways is ingrained in the culture of the school. In this pursuit of an all-round formation of the children, I appreciate and laud the relentless efforts of our teachers for giving their best in shaping the future of the students. I am grateful to the parents for helping our school in every aspect. With the combined efforts of our hardworking and dedicated faculty and support staff, good will of our friends and well-wishers, we are confident that St. Mary’s will continue to evolve consistently.

It is my earnest prayer that our students while in school and after leaving school bear witness of being authentic offspring’s of their Alma Mater. May the patroness of our school Mother Mary bless them always. May our children keep the motto of the school “Excelsior” before them. Long Live St.Mary’s……