Academic Rewards

  • A certificate of special honor with a memento if a student gets 100% attendance.
  • A certificate and a trophy is given to the student if she scores highest marks in all thestreams in Class- XII

General Awards

  • The most outstanding student of the year: only for Class XII students.
  • Outstanding sports star of the year.
  • Best Sportsperson, Dramatist, Debator, Athlete, Artists, Singers of the year, Well dressed certificate : Only for Class- XII
  • To appreciate the leadership qualities of the students a trophy and the certificates are given to the students for being the Captions, Vice Captions, Secretary, Prefects, CR’s.

General Conditions

  • The important pre-requisites for getting an awards are :-
  • Regular attendance, good conduct and refined behavior.
  • Passing in all the examinations and tests.
  • Must be in the school for the whole academic session.
  • Failure to pass or absence in any of the examinations or tests or withdrawal from the school or lack of cooperation from the parents will disqualify the student from getting an award or a prize.
  • Full compliance with the rules, regulations and ideals of the school.
  • In case a student is debarred from receiving a prize or certificate, the next student who fulfills the conditions is entitled.