Admissions are open to Infant Class only.

In the rare case of admission to the other classes, we ordinarily admit a student at the beginning of the academic term. No admission is made until the child has passed an entrance test in the languages (Hindi, English) and Mathematics.

Those seeking admission should produce the following:

1. A Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. It should be duly countersigned by proper educational authorities in the case of a pupil migrating from Boards other than C.B.S.E. Once entered on the school Rolls, the date of birth shown on the Admission From or on the T.C. will not be altered.

2. The Progress Report of the child indicating her academic performance and participation in co-curricular activities in the school last attended.


After passing Class X, the students who want to continue their studies in this Institution, should fill up new admission forms prescribed for the +2 stage.