Aim, Objectives & Motto

This educational Institution is run by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels (FSMA), a religious charitable order of Nuns. It is always catered to the needs of children from all communities and classes  of the society though it is primarily meant for the children of the Catholic Community.


The institution aims at providing to the pupils an all-round education – moral, academic, social and physical – based on time tested ideals and principles. The pupils are prepared to play an effective role in life and to appreciate true refinement of culture, especially the culture of our own country. Stress is laid on good conduct, character formation, commitment to justice, liberation of the poor, the oppressed and women in particular.

Special attention is paid to the children’s well being, physical, emotional and moral.


EXCELSIOR… It is a Latin word which means Higher. The Motto, therefore, is an invitation to keep striving for the best, for excellence in studies and all other training imparted or received.