Student Leadership & Participation

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

At St. Mary’s School, the daily administration of affairs is viewed with a refreshingly different perspective.

Inside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of guide and mentor. Maintaining discipline is the duty of the teachers as well as the students. The  House Captains, Games Captain and the other office bearers are given responsibility and a reasonable degree of authority to function effectively.

There are 4 houses Gandhi, Nehru,  Shastri and Tagore. Each house has a House Captain, Vice-Captain and Secretary under the supervision of 3 house mistresses. A separate Games Captain is appointed for monitoring all the sports activities. Overall responsibility resides with the School Captains.

At St. Mary’s the House Council concept is unique. House Captains, other office bearers, Students, and Housemistresses hold a lively monthly meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the House, thereby encouraging participation and decision making.

The students earn their leadership laurels from an early age and from many different quarters. .The School also practices active participation in activities held in other schools.

“Let us learn to dream but with our eyes open”